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We work on all the projects ranging from small house construction, factories, warehouse, bridges, highway projects, metro to any complex construction projects.

Concrete Boom Pump

Truck Mounted Concrete boom pump used for large constructions pumping large volume of liquid concrete.

Stationary Concrete Pump

Stationary Concrete Pump used to transfer the liquid concrete from the container to the construction sites.

Concrete Cubes

Laboratory for testing building materials. Lab technician selects concrete cubes for testing.

Largest Independent Readymix Concrete Manufacturer In Chennai


Metro concrete is manufactured at modern fully computerized plant with 3 cement silos. The mixing operation uses rotation or stirring to coat the surface of the aggregates with cement paste and to blend the other ingredients uniformly. Continuous mixers are used to produce the perfect blend. Once the concrete mixture is ready, it is transported to the work site in transit mixers Metro stationary pumps capable of discharging concrete at high elevations and over long distance

Metro is capable to manufacture concrete maintaining the grade and mix design as required and instructed by the client. A large fleet of the latest models of Transit Mixers and concrete pumps to suit different terrains and work sites ensures that our customers get timely and uninterrupted supply of premium quality concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete is a composite material of cementitious (cement & mineral admixtures), water, coarse aggregate (20mm & 12mm), fine aggregate (R Sand, M Sand, C Sand) & chemical admixtures. in its simplest form, concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregates (sand & rock). The paste, composed of cement and water, coats the surface of the fine (sand) and coarse aggregates (rocks) and binds them together into a rock-like mass known as concrete

The character of concrete is determined by the quality of the paste. The strength of the paste, in turn, depends on the ratio of water to cement. The water-cement ratio is the weight of the mixing water divided by the weight of the cement. High-quality concrete is produced by lowering the water-cement ratio as much as possible without sacrificing the workability of fresh concrete. Generally, using less water produces a higher quality concrete provided the concrete is properly placed, consolidated and cured.

Metro has new material suppliers who supply consistent, uniform product. The strength of concrete is probably the most important property that must be tested to comply with specifications. To achieve the desired strength, we carefully control the manufacturing process, which we normally do by using statistical process control.

Metro has a up-to-date digitally equipped laboratory to test the concrete and aggregates etc. in precise conformity according to Indian Standards

Mix designs are prepared by our well knowledge Concrete Technologist in the laboratory and are inspected by our plant specialists before the actual production. Quality control charts are thoroughly maintained by Metro and by the engineer on site to continually assess the strength of concrete. Other properties important for compliance include cement content, water/cement ratio, and workability, and standard test methods. Quality Control Laboratory is also equipped to test raw materials, monitor and quality of concrete in production and to test the strength of concrete cubes/cylinders taken during production and also from the point of delivery.

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